Have A Peace of Mind ( I )


Enterprise Software VS. Standard Software,
Which One Works Best For Your Venue?

Vnu Mngr Enterprise Software is the brainchild of hospitality industry veterans with the venue operator success in heart and mind, our main goal is to streamline tedious processes and simplify them for any venue operator to use, No need to be tech-savvy or a specialist, everything run smoothly from phone application or dashboard, all bookings, guest communications, and transactions come through the venue website, even accepting staff resumes applications that also have been takin care of, SMS/Email weekly newsletter is already built-in, what more can you ask for?

On the other hand, the standard software solutions solve only a single problem with limited intelligence focused on that 1 action that takes place on a 3rd party platform like GrubHub, Eventbrite, OpenTable, and many others.

The hospitality software market is oversaturated with single solution software that’s done by outsiders, their main goal is to go raise tons of money to populate the market with cheap copycat solutions that are done many times over, with no innovation whatsoever, just to compete with each other over who is willing to go lower in price to gain bigger market share and eventually get acquired a few years later millions or billions worth, read NYT article or PDF

So the point is don’t be a vehicle for them to make money and eventually sell your data to the highest bidder, Do what’s good for your business, and don’t be a copycat yourself, not because every other venue is using OpenTable, Eventbrite or GrubHub you have to use them as well, that ticket transactions fee that your guest pay to buy event ticket can be spent at your venue, the 20% food ordering commission fee adds up and you can keep if you sell directly on your website, all these companies do not give full guest data if you download their Excel report sheet most contacts are missing so you or your guest are paying the fees and you are not getting the contacts or full intelligence, traffic sources, full-cycle executions funnel, a lot of information gets lost because you send traffic away from your website, you can be able to view all that and a lot more if you keep that flow of traffic coming through your website only, you will have a full history of all guest touchpoints.

You are better and smarter, and you want to compete not be the same as other venues, you are taking your time to research and find something better that’s why you are reading this blog, always educate yourself and TRY what others didn’t, that’s how you will be competitive and more profitable and even open more venues if you didn’t already.

Don’t link 3rd party services to your google business listing page

Wrong Traffic Flow

Keep all traffic coming to your venue website.
Smart Traffic Flow


We know that 3rd party marketplaces have traffic and eyeballs and that is good, use them to get traffic only, do not send them traffic from your business listing page on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or your website, just use them to point traffic back to your website and keep transactions within the Vnu Mngr system, you will see that your guest is using your website more because:
1) You will sell tickets without fees, cheaper than Eventbrite or another ticketing service.
2) They don’t have to sign up to buy a ticket.
3) They will not get distracted by other events or listings on ticketing websites, so logically they will choose the source over the reseller.

Vnu Mngr ticket sales analytics page

Benefits of switching to Enterprise Software:
1. One Software to use:
High efficiency, easy to use from cloud dashboard or phone application, it’s customized for your operation across all services that your venue provides, with attentive customer support that wants you to succeed, we don’t just sell you a subscription, we teach you best marketing practices and proven strategy that helps you progress in these tough times, it takes a village to sustain a business and succeed.

2. Eliminate commissions & fees:
Vnu Mngr does not charge per transaction like food ordering, ticket sales, or reservations 3rd party services do, just one flat monthly fee, All transactions go to the business bank account instantly.

3. Centralizing guest conversation & payments:
As an owner or general manager when you have all conversations by phone, email, or social media between the guest and venue administration staff (hostess, reservationists, event planner, floor manager & marketer), on 1 platform it’s easier to monitor and keep records of all communications and payments that took place on 1 software it’s a peace of mind, no matter how big or small your operation is, keeping track of bookings conversations is a key factor to maintain control and avoid mistakes or complains from happening.
Imagine having to run around between different 3rd party software solutions like OpenTable, Resy, Sevenrooms, Trippleseat, Gatherhere, and many others, it would be time-consuming and difficult to keep up with.

4. The labor shortage nightmare that venues have been facing since Covid restrictions were lifted or didn’t, hard to keep up with depending on your venue state or country, these problems can be easier to deal with:
A) Contactless ordering from the venue website, dish images upsell on location and online, it makes it easier for the wait staff to upsell as well.

B) With Vnu Mngr everything is automated, Reservations, Food ordering, Ticket sales, Bottle service sales, and frequently asked questions are in sync with the business phone & website chatbot, You will cut down on labor hours because everything is done within the same software, it will be an easier transition when you have 1 software to train new staff and if they quit you always have the upper hand, new staff can learn from a video tutorial or our dedicated live support.

C) Post job offers on Indeed, Craigslist, and others with a direct link for staff to apply on your venue website, that’s how you build up a list of potential staff and communicate through Vnu Mngr dashboard & app to streamline the hiring & scheduling process.

To be continued…

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